Who we are

There is a story we heard before wihch we decided to share, In ancient time there was a king who was not a fan of ruling the country, so obviously he got bored. One day he decided to go to the street and put a big rock in the middle of the way. He was curious to see what would happen. Therefore ,he hid far enough, watching the stone. Whoever passed the street and got in trouble with the rock start blaming the king for not putting a person in charge of cleaning the road. They were nagging all about their lives and their lousy fortune for confronting the rock. Around the sunset, a young fellow who was coming back front work saw the rock. He was not there to blame the king or his fortune; instead ,he got to work and pushed the rock to a corner. All of a sudden, he found a sack of glod coins lying underneath the stone. we decided to tell this story in order you know us better. We see ourselves like that young fellow, we are not looking for a prize, but we insist on changing the world, and on doing that, we start with that rock, with those small change. A wise man once said: "The people who are crazy enough to think they can charge the world are the world are the ones who do" * This is us.